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Diesel Generator Set Powered by Isuzu Foton

Beijing Foton Envirinmental Engine Co., Ltd founded at May 28 th 2000. It is now one of the professional high – tech Corporation in developing and producing light duty diesel and gasoline engines. The main product of the company are three diesel series of OLLIN 4D22, 4D24, 4JB1 and the OLLIN 4Y gasoline series. The company’s products have been  utilized in wide domains involving vehicle, civilian, military, mining etc, and been sold abroad over some international markets like southeast Asia, GULF and so on.

Based on the 4JB1 vehicle used engine, the 4JB1 Generator Group Diesel Engine is a newly developed product through cooperation with the AVL Co,. and adopts many fruits of nowadays modernized diesel engine technology, its fuel system and cooling system are optimized, for more, the 4JB1 has adopted the No. 4 Flywheel housing under the SAE standard of US wich can be used to adapt to the 18kW ~ 30 kW Generator Group.

The 4JB1 Generator Group Diesel Engine takes the structure of piston insert (framework), also adopts the piston cooling process through fuel injection, and the alloy steel material of crank enhances its reliability greatly. Main outlook components of the diesel such as chamber housing housing , gear cover and valve chamber cover etc, are all made of die-casting alloy, which make the engine prettier and more convenient. Compound noise reducing material (multi layer material) of the diesel’s oil pan and some other noise reducing measure make the engine run quietly and stably. Piston of the necking ω combustion chamber plus the P-model Multi hole nozzle, boost the engine   combust with lower fuel consumption and higher efficiency.




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